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    Does anyone know of...

    I'm developing a product right now, but I have questions about DBs.

    Does anybody know of a shall binary / script / php code that will be able to mirror *SECURELY* db's (inserts / modifies perfered over rewriting the db every couple of minutes) to servers at different geographical locations.

    I need a system that can do this one way and "all way," or basically...

    Core Server ---> Alt Server (several of these) every 60 minutes...


    Alt Server --> Alt Server (several of these) every five minutes... (different purpose) when the core server is down / not working. Can you advise anything?

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    well.. I suggest you write a script that does the following:
    Main Server does a mysqldump of the DB
    sends it to Alt Server through a certain port or email or just regular web .. or just stores it on itself

    Alt server then does a mysqldump to mirror it back
    [or requests the file stored on main server and mysqldumps that]

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    That isn't exactly a method that will work for me, the overhead will be too great. I'm looking for a method to only send what is new, or modified. I will have several DB's going, and some of them are going to be quite sizable, I need something that's effective; plus, the bandwidth hit won't be good either...

    Doing your method every five minutes on a 20 GB database (expected easily), and this would be the smaller of the three I'm going to use will take almost 200 GB of bandwidth a month; not acceptable.

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