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    Question Questions about phpBB >> VB installation

    Hi guys, just figured you guys would have some great input on this.

    I currently run a phpBB forum of about 18,000 members, and 700,000+ posts. I was going to switch to IPB since I want more control, attachement uploading, and sub-forums.

    Ive been looking for good templates for IPB, and there just sint really anything I like. But, I LOVE soem fo the templates offered for VB. So now Im thinking about switching to VB.

    The VB license is $160, and install is around $130 I believe. Would I be able to install VB myself if I was able to install phpBB myself? I dont have any experience with VB. Also, how hard would it be to convert phpBB to VB? Are there converters available? I really dont want to pay $130 for them to install it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    If I recall the vB install is fairly easy, if you have basic knowledge of mysql / ftp you should be fine.

    I'm sure there are converters, don't they have them on their site or members sections? Remember... make a backup first!

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    For 160 bucks, it should be fairly easy. Plus you could always look at the tech support.

    I suggest Vb. Good luck!
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    Yes there are converters from phpBB -> vB
    If you can follow steps to install phpBB then you shouldn't have problem installing a vB forum.

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    Well if you need help we are right here for ya

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    Great thanks guys! One mroe hard would it be to change the database over or whatever? It's currently about 1.3 gigs.

    I've installed fresh new forums before, but never had to convert one. I'll need SSH access I'm assuming? Thanks again!

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    Once you have made a backup, and a backup is important, a lot of the convertors are webbased, so you can just uplaod a php file, give it the details and it will convert it to a VB database for you, dont think you will need ssh access.

    I've never done phpbb to vb, but i have done others and it was farly stright forward.
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    VB has converters available in the members area, and they're pretty simple to use. I'd recommend a bit of practice before making it a live conversion, since using the IMPEX (VB import/export) system can be a little tricky the first time. I've done a number of these conversions, and you can run it pulling the old data from a live database or from a dump.

    If you have specific questions about the process, or get stuck, just ask.
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