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    apache error log shows hundreds of mysql errors

    i am getting this error message over and over again in my apache server logs (literally, hundreds of instances of this error)

    File 'c:\mysql\share\charsets\?.conf' not found (Errcode: 2)
    Character set '#33' is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the 'c:\mysql\share\charsets\Index' file

    server specs:

    apache 2.0.54, php4.3.11, mysql 4.1.12, zend optimizer, activestate perl 5.8.6, phpmyadmin 2.6.2, hmailserver 4, windows

    the file c:\mysql\share\charsets\?.conf' does not exist on my server. i don't know why it should exist since it wasn't created when i ran the mysql installer. i have no clue why something is calling for that file in a nonexistent directory.

    'c:\mysql\share\charsets\Index' doesn't exist either.

    if anybody knows what this problem is, please let me know, this error has turned up hundreds of times in the error logs and i would really like to resolve it once and for all.
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