I am interested in designing or redesigning headers and ecovers.

I could design or redesign your header panel and 3D cover for you for with no commitment on your part to pay or even use whatever I create for you.

Does this interest you?

The only thing I would ask in return would be that I can use whatever I create in my own portfolio of design work which would be placed prominently on my own website. If you think what I've created is good enough and you'd like to try out whatever I create on your site, I would be happy to offer you this design at a heavily discounted price.

Are you still interested?

If you are then please let me know, then as soon as the design is finished I'll let you take a look to see what you think. Remember, it'll cost you nothing, and who knows... the design I create could potentially increase your sales, if you decide to use it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

At your service,

David Allen
[email protected]