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    Unhappy problems with non .com/net/org domain names

    I'm from Singapore and I host several sites in the US on the same server but ever so often I have problems accessing those with domain names that are not the traditional .com/net/org e.g. .us and even .sg! It just say cannot find server This is despite the fact that other .com websites hosted on the same server is accessible. And it only seems to affect 1 ISP but this is a major ISP. Every time attempts to contact this ISP is not very successful. Is there any settings I can change to rectify this? I tried reloading bind but it doesn't work. The DNS settings of the .us and .sg sites are the same as the .com ones. Thanks.

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    check the domains at when this problem happen.

    maybe your ISP's resolver DNS having issues to resolve the domains if the problem happens just check them from the sites above and see if they are resolving or not.

    if they dont resolve then its an issue with the your domains NameServers (dnsreport should tell you that then)
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