Here's a friendly reminder to check your monthly bank statements.

Just found out that a company named has been deducting $25.30 a month from my checking account for the past 4 months.
This is some sort of online yellow pages and somehow got my wife's busness site listed. I wife swears she has never delt with these people. On their site it mentions that they send out checks to businesses at random for $3.50 and if it is deposited into your checking account, you automaticly are enrolled in their program. My wife recieved the check but never deposited it. Tomorrow, i'll call my bank and block them from taking out any more money from our account and maybe do some sort of a charge back.

We never even heard of this company before let alone aurthorize them to take money from our personal checking account. All you get for your money is your address listed and a link to your web

I would love to know how they did this.