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    1and1 or HostGator????????

    I'm a newbie and trying to figure out which host to use. I'm going to have about 20 different sites all with different names. I think i've narrowed it down to either 1and1 for $9.99/mo(2gis/50gigs) or Hostgator for $9.95(5gigs/75gigs) both with no setup fee.

    Does anyone have experience whem either??or other recommendations.

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    The apparent urgency of your request is decreasing at the same rate you are raising the percentage of question / exclamation marks used in your post. Just a hint :-).

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    1and1 has an excellent network. I own several servers from them and have had 0 trouble. -- Owner

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    I own a reseller account frm them and still didnot have any troubles for like 6 months how - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
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    I can only say that I've researched the customer satisfaction records of many hosts, and 1+1 had a rather poor one.
    I have no data on HostGator.
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    I had several dedicated servers with 1and1 and they have the worst support I've ever seen. A server would have a hardware malfunction and it would take days for it to come back up.

    1and1 is great as long as there isn't any problems. The minute you do, be prepared to recieve lousy support and long, long, long wait times!
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    Thanks to all who replied, I opened account with HostGator.

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    My opinion about 1and1:
    - poor customer service
    - difficult to migrate (if you decided to go to other hosts later). especially their email system, where the username and the login id is different. (login id is a random string)

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    Both 1&1 and hostgator is a good host. Any one will do! But since the price make not much difference, maybe its better to choose hostgator. Its offer much more space and bandwidth

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    Both 1&1 and hostgator is a good host.
    You have direct experience with both hosts?

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    just do a search on both hosts here .... youll probably find they both have feedback here....

    Ive used both hosts and if I had to choose, Id go with 1 & 1

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    If you search, you will find plenty of reviews on both web hosts.

    Best of luck

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    HelloHost is a good company too!!!

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    1and1 are a very large company, so you may have trouble with support, i haven't used HostGator, but I have considered them many times, and they look very reputable

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    I used to use 1and1 way back. Very stable, prices are ok but when you call their tech support its definatly in a foreign country and hard to communicate with them.
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    I have bought accounts from quite a few hosts and have noticed one thing. Don't be overly concerned about what price or size they offer. Of course you need to find something to fit your needs. When I look for a host, I look at their uptime records, their faq system and their customer support. I also look at reviews. I also look for back up on bad reviews (ticket numbers, etc). In my opinion, that is what to look for.

    Personally, I do not think you are going to be disappointed in HostGator. They have excellent customer service. You can bug them 100 times a day and they will still be more than happy to help you. Now that is what I call great customer service

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