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    Avoid IVORCOM for software

    I recently purchased OEM win2k3 5cal from this company. Turns out the reg code that came on my COA has been used so many times i can't even activate my copy. Regardless of whether it's them or their supplier this is unacceptable and I'd avoid them at all costs. I've given them a chance to refund my money but may have to refute the order with the bank. Wish me luck =/

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    not exactly the right forum but thanks for the heads up

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    It might not necessarily be IVORCOM's, their suppliers, or Microsoft's fault. I have seen several keygens floating around on the internet and my web servers that are capable of calculating legit cd keys. Perhaps someone used one of these keygens and it randomly gave them your cd-key. There really isn't anything anyone can do to stop piracy without severely hurting our rights.

    That aside, thanks for the heads up and hopefully they aren't intentionally distributing pirated copies of Windows.
    ~ Nick

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    this could be the case but i had my doubts about their validity from the beginning but gave them the benefit of the doubt when i shouldn't have. the COA wasn't on the peel-able backing, it was stuck on a the back of the manual and then shrink wrapped.

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