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    [FOR SALE] various layouts

    Ive posted some stuff here before, and had a little luck, but now my college tuition has gone up to 40k a year and I need a few thousand dollars extra to cover the added fees, so Im hopin for a lot of luck now. Anyways I have various websites for sale, and all can be sold in various ways.

    Each layout comes with:
    All fonts and original files (.psd's)
    Full resell rights, once you buy them, you can do what you want with them.
    Minor modifications to fit the theme of your site or say color changes etc

    Each layout may also add:
    Fully coded with content management system
    Forums, fully installed, and modified to work with the design
    Flash headers or banners/buttons any part you want flash can be flash
    Modifications to any part, extensive or not.
    Custom Logo's
    Banner Ads specifically for your site
    Content images or Banners to fill in the news spots on the site.
    Webhosting setup and domain registration for those of you who do not have a credit card.

    I have no set prices on them, however for the most part I would appreciate reasonable offers, around $75 or higher, of course there are 3 layouts which I will denote that any offer is acceptable for them.

    --- The layouts ---

    * cheaper layouts

    reminder I can change any of them to fit your theme, even though most are gaming orientated, they could be easily modified to hosting or other themes. And modifications can be made if say you dont like a button or something, I will redo them for you.

    --- offers / payments ---

    please either email offers to [email protected]
    or pm me and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can, however I am living with my grandmother who does not have the internet and I can only check my email/pm's about twice a day. If there is need I can give a cell phone # to discuss details if you wanted extensive work, but that will be on an individual basis.

    Payment is also depending on the individual, I just do not accept checks, but anything else is pretty much fine.

    Also if you would like custom work I am offering my services cheap to help build my portfolio so that I can have some money to cover tuition costs.

    Thanks In advance for comments/criticism/offers

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    I will keep the offers posted here: : $75 $25

    I will keep the offers open until either an offer to good to pass up comes along or, till next sunday because I will be in Boston and have access to the inet and able to put some more work up soon.

    Suprised i have offers so quick, thanks again, I really need this money for college or I may not be able to attend.

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    *bump* =/ need 2000.00 still

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