HostNetway Announces Launch of Dedicated Servers

From Raytown, MO - HostNetway Internet, already known for it's shared hosting and reseller services has announced the re-launch of it's new dedicated servers. HostNetway has worked hard to make it's production line fully compatable with every web host's need, offering cPanel, RVSkin Theme, and Urchin included with every dedicated server. "Just in case the customer is not formilliar with the Linux platform, we also have focused on Managed services, which we brand as the HostNetway Management Suite" says Kenneth Odem, CEO of HostNetway." We have included it with every server which has unlimited admin work, server security and you general management features just as if you were to buy from a management company?"

Although the servers come with so much, HostNetway also focused on making the costs affordable on the budget of a low-medium sized web hosting company. As well, HostNetway will host the servers in a well known datacenter in Atlanta, GA which has connectivity to Abovenet, XO, PCC_BTN, SAVVIS, Telia, Level 3 and the Altanta Internet Exchange, which is a major Atlanta public peering network.

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