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    xumaservers a good choice?

    well im wondering if thier claim for unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth si too good to be true or is it a valid host because they are offering this for 6 euros a month and im wondering how is this possible and since im not dutch i cant read the TOS so im not sure if they allow big files or not.....does anybody have an expirence with them?

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    Unlimited space and bandwidth is a lie.

    If you want to do business with a host that lies to get your money feel free.

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    I agree with blue27, if you want a reliable host and quality service find one who does not offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth.

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    Yep, listen to blue
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    I agree with blue too. It is common sense that there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth or web space. Even Google mail is limited to about 2 GB plus. For hightime, just go to your nearest computer store, ask for an unlimited hard disk and see their response. Or call your local ISP asking for an unlimited bandwidth plan, not their usual 512K or 1 Mbps plans.

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