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    Leaseweb Review (5 Months On)

    I've been with leaseweb since 15th Feb 2005, and the service has overall been acceptable up until now.

    So you know what experience I have with them, I've got 2 dedicated servers with them, one Linux, and one Windows. Both on their "Volume" range, with a total of 30mbit of bandwidth between them.

    The Network
    Their network, despite several outages has been great, and I haven't experienced any major problems with utilising the available bandwidth. Latency has been good both to the USA and to Europe, although it hasn't been well tested to Asia, as we do not have a presence there.

    However, the outages that they have are terrible. Customer notification is extremely poor, and quite often a reply is not given for days. This is what comes of being on their "best effort" support plan, which I will get to in a short while. Their website is not updated with the status, as it reflects poorly on them, and customers such as myself are left in the dark as to a resolution time, and as such have little to pass on down the line, and extremely embarassing situations during important meetings where the online resources that are required aren't available for extended periods.

    Their billing system is atrocious, that is unless you pay with Paypal! I prefer to send payments via cheque, failing that, by bank wire, as its efficient and easy to do, and I don't need to find my wallet! (thats a whole other story!). Several times they "lost" or "couldn't find" my payments, and threatened me with disconnection. Every time they managed to conveniently "find" the payment very soon after. Not the best thing to do to someone who's got money coming in & out from everywhere, with multiple books to balance!!!
    Once I sent a cheque, as my passport had to be sent off as verification for a private matter, so I sent a cheque. Little did I know that by sending a cheque, I'd be charged 50c under 70 for the priviledge, almost 1/3 of the monthly bill!
    Apart from that, I guess their billing team is fairly friendly, and have often allowed a couple of days extra when transfers have been delayed due to weekends / bank holidays etc.

    Leaseweb support staff are appalling! Quite often they don't have the faintest clue of the problem, and will try to put you off until a time when they've had a chance to find out for themselves the resolution. I wouldn't mind if a support ticket gets the reply of
    "We're unsure, try checking X, Y & Z resources, and if you don't find the answer, let us know and we'll take another look"
    but no reply whatsoever is not on at all!

    Another classic example of their support team's performance can be found when I requested some extra IP addresses in late June. I decided to get in on the IPv6 action, so ordered a /48 and /64.

    They happily billed me for them, and I followed up a couple of days later with a friendly e-mail saying "Could you provide me with the addresses please?". I get a reply I believe 2 days later from Bastiaan Spandaw stating that he'd get the IPs to me the following day, but that they'd probably change once they moved from Beta to Production in a couple of months time. The following day came, without an e-mail, no "Apologies, we'll have your blocks soon!", or even an automated message.
    I then complain that I've been billed for something, that I haven't even had access to! So they credit my account for the previous month, and give me the IP addresses on the 11th July. Obviously some time after ordering them! I get an e-mail about an hour later stating that they'd given me the wrong information, and they then supplied me with a second set.
    By this point, I was sick to death of these IP addresses, so I just told them to cancel them, as it had been so much hassle, I wasn't happy about paying them for something that the majority of customers couldn't even use anyway. I received a reply stating that I would have to wait until 31st August to cancel them, by this point I was fuming! I told them to cancel the windows server, and to reduce the linux server right down. Again, this cannot be done until 31st August!!!

    They do have a habit (probably due to the language), of coming off as extremely harsh and offensive. For instance I complained about a member of staff who basically lied to me about when I would be supplied with another service, and when I mentioned it in another e-mail, it appeared to be as if they thought it was a joke!

    Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you want a "guaranteed" response time for hardware & software, then you will need to spend at least 225.00 per server for 24/7 support. It's just strange how if someone pays a lot of money, then their ticket is magically answered, yet if you submit a ticket, it goes unanswered for days. I know that I should pay extra if I want that guarantee, but what's stopping the person who is sitting there waiting for these SLA-9 clients to submit a ticket from answering a few from other non-SLA'd clients?

    The Servers
    I have no complaints with the servers, setup times etc. Everything has been pretty good!

    I think it's a great shame that they do not treat their customers well! I was considering putting a fairly large quantity of equipment over there, and renting a rack or possibly two. However I feel as if I would be better off moving away from them for business use, and will probably just leave one server there for my own projects.
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    All I can say is YIPES!!

    It is true that they're servers are quite cheap, especially if you buy Value Bulk bandwidth.

    I did wonder why, when I was pricing them, that there support was so expensive. I g uess you pretty much summed up what I had feared.

    They are a good value host for absolutely no support, and no obligation of uptime. Past that you'll need to shell out some serious dough for what you get with other more reputable US hosts for much cheaper. I guess sitting here on SM the grass just got a lot less greener over on the LW side.

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    I wasn't able to find out how much bandwid they offer for each plan.

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    I think it's a great shame that they do not treat their customers well! I was considering putting a fairly large quantity of equipment over there, and renting a rack or possibly two. However I feel as if I would be better off moving away from them for business use, and will probably just leave one server there for my own projects.
    Perhaps you would be better off at Servint? I think that only they offer the customer support/handling that you are looking for..


    We have 3 racks at SBP/Leaseweb, and have had 0 outages in 2+ years. Zero outages. Let's face it, if you're a colo customer, you shouldn't need support for much, of course I don't know what you asked of them. Asking for IP's will take up to a week, I don't see the problem with this.

    Leaseweb is the best in Europe, have you tried the competition? <<shivers>> You'll be in for a surprise. As far as Bastiaan is concerned, he is a very good technician; we know him personally.
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    I just looked at their site, and was able to find the bandwidth listed, and also saw that they have the lowest prices I've ever seen anywhere, even from america. Thank you for showing me such a great company! I did'nt know about them until now. Thanks Joseph! You helped Leaseweb get a new customer!

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