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    Hostcentric Nightmare

    Yesterday Hostcentric moved our unix hosted site to a new server. Immediately we stopped getting all our email despite promises that would not happen. Our active databases were lost and they replaced them on the new server with files that were 3+ days old. That went over well with our customers who updated records in the last 3 days and then came back to find everything gone or at best none of the new information they entered is there. We had backups from each day but difficult to reconcile what new records were put in the "old" db. Plus no sucure file transfer enabled. Half of our cgi scripts don't work. They are taking about 24+ hrs to respond to emergency tech support requests, despite a two hour promise by the phone tech (who couldn't do anything). You have to wait on hold for 45 min to get through. Why did they do this in the middle of the day? We lost a lot of sales yesterday afternoon and still have not recovered any email sent to us from about 2PM yesterday until 1AM when I was finally able to log into the server and make some changes. There is no SSL file transfer available on the old or new server, so moving the databases with sensitive information became tricky. That will not be up for at least a week. I've never seen anything so unprofessional. Hope they get their act together but I'm looking for a more serious host. Anyone else having these problems?

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, good luck with your next host.
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