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    capitalization in name registration

    I'm goin with Namecheap as my registrar... I was wondering if capitalizing cetain letters in my domain name would make any difference. Like would people visiting the site have to capitalize certain letters if I capitalized certain letters in my registration process. Or vice versa:would visitors not get to my site if they capitalize a letter or two and all letters are lower case in my domain name? Or will they be able to get to the site no matter what is capitalized without any problem?

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    No. Domain names are not case sensitive.

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    ThAt Is tRuE. I always get a chuckle from friends who give me their e-mail address and tell me that the e-mail address is in all lower case.
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    Well, actually the username part of the email address can be case sensitive, though it most often is not. The domain is, of course, not case sensitive.
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