Hello folks!

I'm looking to team up with a company/firm/team/person who is established in the web-design business. I'd like to focus on the layout of web-sites and have always allowed co-workers to slice and code my photoshop layouts. I create photoshop documents with many layers for customization and such.

I work well with others and would like to find someone who has great coding skills but lacks in design ability. Any group who is too busy to handle work on their own is also fine. Folks who are looking for extra staff members with steady work would also be great.

This isn't much of a career choice, just something I dabble in.

Some past work:



offmason.diamondtemple.com/katz (Incomplete As Of Yet)

You may reply here or contact me on AIM at mr1o1 and e-mail me at mr1o1[@]optonline.net.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.