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Thread: Lots For Sale!

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    Lots For Sale!

    Hey, i am going on holiday and i am looking to get a little extra cash before i go basically i am looking to sell of some of my sites and things i have created.

    Sites - PR3 - A site for the biggest underground rapper Immortal Technique, site registered at still over a year left. Getting around 30/70 uniques a day was getting 100/150 but i havent had time for it. (Bids starting from $60, BIN $200, increments of $10) - A forums/gallery based on the big brother star Kemal Shahin, he is joint fav to win, 10 months left on domain, 30/70 uniques a day, top of google for kemal shahin search check stats here. (Bids starting from $60, BIN $250, increments of $10)

    Domains ($10) ( few months left) ($15) ( few months left, for a forum based thing) ($20) - for the new tony hawks american wasteland game, some hits bout 30/50 unique before i delete domain (with some search hits) ($10) anything you want. ($15) some small hits.

    I am also selling a very simple but effecting template engine coded in php, i will be selling this for $10 a time, pm me for any information. or email [email protected]

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    Please Pm me with features and demo of the template engine.

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