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    Question Apf

    I have just installed APF with Brute Force Detector, I have set APF to load when the server is booted with the following command:

    chkconfig --level 2345 apf on

    So when I reboot the server will Brute Force Detector Load with APF?

    Also how can I check that both of them are working and protecting my server?


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    chkconfig --levels 2345 apf on (levels not level)

    Start your bfd with the flag -q and it will work fine .

    You can check if apf is working or not by : /etc/init.d/apf status also You should have Iptables installed and running to use apf .

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    Check whether the process are running by using
    #ps -aux|grep apf

    also check the iptables rules using
    #iptables -L and check the ips blocked on the apf configurations are there..
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    So when I reboot the server will Brute Force Detector Load with APF?
    BFD doesn't load "automatically", as a service, it is called via cron every few minutes.
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