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    CyberSource shopping carts

    I'm building an online store for a medium-sized company that wants to start doing moderate internet sales, probably <500 orders per month. I'm considering using CyberSource for the payment gateway, but I need a little advice. It looks like the cheapest option through CyberSource is to use a CS-compatible shopping cart and customizing it to the style of my site. With such a shopping cart, does the entire transaction take place on my server (besides connecting to CS for authorization)? Can anyone recommend a good CS-compatible shopping cart?

    I'm a pretty proficient PHP programmer, so I had looked at building the thing from scratch, but I don't have root access on the web server and it looks like installation of the CS API libraries could be a hassle. Does anyone have any experience with a similar project?

    Lastly, I was looking at CS because it seems to be fairly reputable and I think I've seen recommended a couple times here before, but I'm open to other suggestions if anyone knows of a payment gateway that is cheaper and/or easier to use.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There are several shopping cart solutions that support CyberSource.

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