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    sign up form ( with paypal )

    want to run my own web hosting company i can make web sites just i cant own any php sign up forms

    is there a good simple script out there that can users can fill ou tthere details and pick paypal or any other payments. also pick if they want a domain name or not and so on.

    and after that email the customer that the order has been done and is being processed.

    is there any out there that are cheap and arent to over the top i dont need 100's of options



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    One of the most popular is ModernBill - Do a search and you should have some good reading.

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    If you know PHP, you can easily create one yourself. I did that and it is totally customised to my needs.
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    You might want to give Whois.Cart a look (
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    take a look at clientexec... it contains the basics but is not complex as modernbill...
    It only depends of your needs.

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    You can find a lot of web hosting tools on

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