Hello all,

I am contacting you from Spain, but in a month or so I shall be moving back to the UK.

I am an enthusiastic young man, with 3 years Hosting Business experience behind me, I am currently looking for employment.

During my time in the hosting business, in which I started learning as a CPanel/WHM technician, fixing issues with that Control Panel, I went onto learning basic SSH skills, onto experiencing other control panels ranging from WebMin to CPanel to HSphere, continuing onto Advanced SSH Skills and Control Panel Adminstion.

I am currently unemployeed due to fact I was made redundant by the company worked with, therefore I am looking for a job which will be able to accomodate my needs.

As I noted before, I am a young man with years of experience behind me, I am prepared to adapt and learn in any situation I am encountered with, therefore I provide the idealistic Technician/Sales Representative for your company.

Over the years, I have worked with various companies, providing part time support for them, I have recieved a great amount of good response from their clients commending positively on the good communication skills and providing for their needs.

My communication skills also provide fluent Spanish, Spoken and Written! This could provide your company with a valuable asset in the hosting business, giving you further prospects for your company to grow.

I look forward to any response to this thread, I wish you all good luck in your future endeavours.

Kind Regards,
Solomon Dolphin

MSN:- [email protected]