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    [looking for] Link Exchange, Banner ads, text links, etc. [SELLING] 200,000+ hits!

    Hello, I'm after a few things so I'll tell you what they are first then write about them in more details.

    1) To give a UK based web designer free webhosting (& maybe domain) in exchange for us hosting all their clients.

    2) Banner adverts, text links, etc.

    3) Link Exchange

    4) We're selling ad space...this is right at the end!

    Also, we are wanting to start advertising in 2 or 3 weeks time, excluding the webdesigner.

    1) We're looking for some, preferbly UK based web designers or people who mainly work on UK based websites. We would like to do this by giving you web space on our UK servers in exchange for you hosting all your clients with us. Aswell as this we will give a lot of our design work onto you/recommend you with other people we've used. If interested please contact with any method in my signature and we'll discuss packages, how many clients you have, how many building for along with other statistics.

    2) We're wanting to buy some banner ads, text links, etc, on some websites. Preferbly ones which people in the UK go on. We are open to different places, but please don't post things which won't be sutible for webhosts, like "" etc.

    3) If you link us we'll link you - free hits for both people. We currently offer 88px x 33px and text links, though if you have a banner size which is currently supported we'll probably add it as it will benifit other people too.

    Link go on this page, and some of the popular ones move to the main page 88px x 33px

    please either post in here, PM, contact via methods in my signature with appropriate, etc.

    4) We're also selling some ad space! .

    Average daily hits: 6,000+
    Average monthly hits: 200,000+
    Average yearly hits: 2,400,000+
    *These are rounded off averages.

    *$100 - General Sponsorship - Logo and Link on Affiliates page.
    *$150 - Ad diplayed on the home page of
    *$200 - Ad diplayed on all albums pages - more than 130 pages.
    $375 - Newblast email to All current DB Users advertising the company/event.
    $500 - For Newsblast to DB users and Kalikwest, BPR Crew newsletters -
    over 30,000 active emails.
    *denotes monthly payments.

    Here are the other sites mentioned in the newsblast (newsletters)

    This site has been up since May 20th, 2005 and is still growing!
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    I have a number of websites that might interest you, ill list the urls, if you find any that your intesrested in let me know and ill provide you with its details:


    I am ready to exchange links with an equal or higher PR.


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    Thank you. I'm happy to exchange links with all of those websites. My site was PR4 last I checked which is hier than all of your.

    If it's a text link to our website just put "Afford A Host UK" to

    If it's a little banner use this:

    if you get my link up then PM with URLs and text for them/banner I will get them up too.
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