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    Free Host with 1300 members

    We currently want to sell the host We get about 15 new registrations a day, and we are not even advertised anywhere besides seach engines. With a little advertising you could get this host off the ground and make seriuos money. We put google ads on the home page and forum. We make about $5-$10 a day from that. Then we have about 6 clients making about $30 a month from them. You will get more statistics as you request them. We are still not sure if we want to see this, but we would like to see how much we could get for it first. So bidding will start off at $300.

    What comes with all this:

    • Custom made smf theme designed by a leading smf designer
    • SMF Board and Home page all customly integrated with eachother
    • All the clients and full owner ship of all the users and hiya host
    • PHP Live Software (worth $100)
    • Web Host Auto piolet software integrated
    • Well, anything else you see on the websites, you get.
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    Hey, I know you said $300 but will you take $200 for it?

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    Hey, I think this is my fualt, the main admin of hiya-host just wanted me to get a value of what hiya-host is worth, and if it is worth enough then we would consider selling it. So as of now I just want people telling me what they would pay for it and what it is worth.

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    So you aren't selling it?

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    As of right now, no. We just want to see what its worth, and if it is "worth" selling.

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    I guess this isn't the right way to get an appraisal, there's a "domain appraisals" forum where you could get a more accurate result. Since this forum is for buyers-sellers you'll start getting low bids because the bidders will always try to buy it at the cheaper price.

    However now that you have posted that you are not really selling the website, you may star getting bids like $1,400,000 even when that's a ridiculous price.
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    I had a look at your services and will try to calculate a value for you. While browsing your site I noticed your servers were down for the last 2 or 3 months and all accounts were lost (hacking if i got it right). Something like this results in a bad reputation meaning your 1300+ members will think twice before they signup again.

    PHP Live Software (worth $100) - That's a price you paid but it looks like the PHPLive Lite version which would be additional 49 per year which is (compared to livesupport at 199$ owned license) simply not worth anything as most free hosts won't offer live support anyway.

    The domain names don't really have a value without a huge member database. It also seems like many free hosting directories dropped you because of the long downtime which makes it worth even less.

    After looking at all facts you can't expect more than you are already looking for because the new owner will have a hard time to gain trust back after all the known issues.

    It's basically "cheaper" to just register a domain name, get some 49$ forum skin and start something like this as a new service. At least you don't have to gain your reputation back.

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    Very nice review and research

    Thumbs up to BlackMail
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    Thank you, this will really help us make the place better.

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