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    how can secure my pc within a lan?

    I guess this goes here since it's just a general wandering!
    Just two days back I made this switch to cable internet from dial up and I can really see the difference. However, I don't know if this is everywhere, but the cable net providers in my area have some LAN kind of system due to which getting hacked by other users on the LAN is heck easy. So, with that, I got some virus on my pc yesterday and I had to give my pc to some tech shop for repairment. Now, I was just wondering, how I could secure my pc from all these virus threats I'm getting from the other users on LAN?

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    You could use a world of software to do stay protected..

    1) antivirus
    free -a vast and AVG
    paid -Norton and Panda

    2) firewall
    free -kerio (seems like you arent an advanced user)
    paid - Zone Alarm SS

    3) Anti Spywares
    Free -MS Anti Spyware and Ad Aware in combo

    4) Intrusion detection -Prevx

    And if you believe it's a Lan like system they are using then disable your Administrative shares.. better disable Windows file sharing if you don't feel a use of that function.

    Google for the softwares or go to sites like softpedia or
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    Another option is to add a router (even if yours is the only computer on the cable modem). A cheap simple router will use NAT (network address translation) to keep your PC on a different IP. If you keep all the ports closed (no port forwarding) no one will have direct access to your PC from the outside.
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