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    For sale, separate or as a package. Make an offer !

    Domain/hosting stuff : (perfect domain for selling domains, as many TLDs use 'dns' as name for the central registry - see as example)

    Unique names : (ignore the dot)

    Lord of the rings :

    Holidays :

    Market/shop :

    Short URL's :

    Erotic :

    Others : (includes a live project !)

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    Re:,,, ...

    Originally posted by wimg
    $25 for each domain.

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    How much is to renew each year?

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    It's $500/year, due to its high profile name. A pretty low price for this name actually, if you see the insane prices you have to pay for other technical names. The people of Tuvalo must be pretty rich by now

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    Why would it cost $500 a year to renew

    It only costs $35/yr for a .tv at godaddy.

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    High profile domains cost more under the .tv
    That's how they increase their profits...

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