View Poll Results: What would you consider the main reasons why customers decide to change hosts?

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  • Downtime

    20 32.26%
  • Better Deal Elsewhere

    9 14.52%
  • Poor Support

    21 33.87%
  • Unprofesional behaviour (suspended site etc)

    4 6.45%
  • Lack of upgrade options

    1 1.61%
  • Want to change OS or CP

    1 1.61%
  • Other

    6 9.68%
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    Survey: Reasons for leaving hosting companies

    What would you consider the main reasons why customers decide to move to a different webhosting company?

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    C'mon people vote

    I plan to publish this survey and a number of others if I get sufficient feedback. Which means that hosts can use it as secondary research in the market research part of their business plan.

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    I've mainly left people in the past due to downtime and some for bad support.
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    In the past;

    bad support

    Those are the 2 main ones for most people.
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    I left my last host ( I had a reseller account with them) due to bad support and questionable practices. Also downtime was a part of the equation. They were down for three days. The reseller account was a $19.95 a month unlimited disk space, unlimited features, unlimited domain accounts on a cPanel/WHM interface. The original owner sold the business and then the business that took over started to play games. First I had a problem with the disk space. They limited the amount I could use to 1 gig at my base account. Then the server started having problems and they crashed big time and lost my data. Good thing I had a backup myself. That was the last straw and got my own dedicated server with cPanel installed and haven't looked back since.

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    I find it odd that all of your reasons are negative. We have had a few customers cancel our services because they simply no longer needed their website. Perhaps they were doing a test project that they needed a site online for 6 - 12 months.

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    So many hosting companies are mushrooming everyday and leaving their customer hanging as they either close or sale out their business due to different reason.

    Secondly, I don’t think the customer usually leave a host due to fall in uptime only as it might be rarely while the deceiving price and false advertisement may be also one reason that the customers usually think to leave the host.

    I also agree with the point of VanHost, that perhaps they might be doing a test project and no longer need it after completion of their project.

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    The majority of our cancellations come from people who simply no longer need their website, or they are upgrading to their own server.
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    None of my customers have canceled yet, but from what I see here and on other forums, most of them leave because of poor support.
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    Most commonly they go to other "companies" that are run by friends and are letting them host for free
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    In my own experience, I've left one host due to downtime, one host due to poor support and a buggy control panel (in-house), and one host due to the fact that I outgrew my $5/month account and needed a dedicated server.

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    * hmmm....

    Very poor support and downtime. When i wanted to move and change they wouldnt let me. They kept my domain from me. It was rediculous.

    Now i have my own company. Its much

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    I think for me a bad support service is the main reason to leave a host. Too many downtime is very bad too, but if they give my good support, I could foregive them .

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    Poor support was my reason to leave before I had my own reseller account (and now own server).

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    I will leave if it has poor downtime. I have been lucky with support so far, every single host I have had has been great.

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    I've only left two hosts myself and here are the reasons:

    * Windows Host (I wanted to switch to Linux)
    * Boor Billing -- cancelled things and continued to get billed for them for months after. I alarted them and got a refund each time but it kept happening dispite their repeated promise to fix it.
    * Flexibility: features/cost -- I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth.
    * Slow support
    * Downtime
    * No SSH access
    * Complex and buggy control panel (in house)
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