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Thread: Cpanel problem

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    Cpanel problem

    Hi guys

    if i create an account under the cpanel for one of my client. As he is running asp, i cant host his web data in my server. hence i have to point the a record to another server while retaining the mail and cpanel access in the current server.

    Should i change the domain name a record and www cname record? i realised that if i changed this 2 records, the cpanel and webmail cant be access and i cant send mail and recieive mail.

    please advise what i should do. What records should i changed in order for my domain to point to another server for web while mail and cpanel is still pointing to my current server

    Need your valuable advise on this


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    Leave MX record as it is, Access cPanel IP based by http://your-current-ip/cpanel

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