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    Cool 10Mbps Unmetered BW - Cel 2.8GHz - 512MB RAM - 80GB HD - $79.99/mo - Monthly Contract

    10Mbps Unmetered BW - Celeron 2.8GHz - 512MB RAM - 80GB HD - $79.99/month - Monthly Contracts

    We have created another great 10mbps Unmetered Bandwidth offer.

    These servers will be offered on a month to month contract. We usually require three months advance payment.

    We only have ten (10) of these servers available at the moment. Place your order today. These will go fast!

    If you would like to order or have questions please email our Sales Office at [email protected]

    Mention the UNMETERED M2M when you email.

    This offer expires when the 10 servers are gone.

    *New Server Orders Only

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    $79.99 / month
    Setup Fee - $99.99

    - Intel Celeron 2.8GHz CPU
    - 512MB RAM
    - 80GB Hard Drive
    - 5 IPs
    - CentOS 4.0 or FreeBSD

    ..::: Every server includes the following features :::..

    - Dedicated Server on a Dedicated Switch Port (not VPS or Shared)
    - Full root access to the server
    - 24 / 7 free reboots
    - 24 / 7 Proactive support and monitoring
    - TRUE 24 / 7 technical support
    - BGP4 Routed Network
    - Legal Adult content allowed
    - No IRC allowed
    - 24-48 Hour Setup
    - 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    ..::: Control Panel Options :::..

    Webmin - FREE
    DirectAdmin - Add $15/month
    cPanel - Add $35/month
    cPanel with Fantastico - Add $36.50/month

    ..::: Hardware Upgrades :::..

    Upgrade to 1GB RAM - Add $15/month with $40 setup fee
    Upgrade to Intel P4 2.8GHz CPU - Add $20/month with $40 setup fee
    Upgrade to 120GB Hard Drive - Add $15/month

    ..::: Server OS Upgrades :::..

    Windows 2003 Web Edition Add $20/month
    Windows 2003 Standard Edition Add $40/month

    ..::: Need More IPs? :::..

    Extra IP Address Add $1 per month per IP Address
    Extra IP Requests must be justified.

    ..::: Server Tests :::..

    Test IP:
    10MB File Download:

    ..::: Datacenter Info :::..

    All servers will be located in our suite at the Sagonet Datacenter in Tampa, Florida.
    Datacenter Tour

    ..::: Contact Info :::..

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN Messenger: [email protected]

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    nice speed but the setup fee...

    too much for potential customer who wants to try your service
    I Love WHT

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    if only there wasnt a setup fee this would be the perfect thing......but when i get that money servers will probably all be sold many servers are left now?

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    Scary terms

    I was considering using this companies services until i read the conditions on use of their bandwidth, this info may be of use to others.

    In the bandwidth section of their terms of service...please find on their site, as i cant post url's.

    "The Company permits up to 15 megabytes of archive storage, e.g. avi or wav files, images, compressed files, shareware, games, programs, etc.. All HTML pages MUST be linked to files (HTML, .jpg, .gif, etc.) stored on Company's server and vice versa. Sites with these large amounts of video, audio, or images, do not qualify for the unlimited bandwidth offer."

    "The Company does not permit sites where 20% or more of the monthly traffic is from file downloads, or sites that use more than 5% of system resources"

    "Customers with Websites that do not comply with these simple rules, or who seek to take advantage of the Company unlimited storage or traffic plan in any other way, will, at the discretion of the Company , have their sites canceled and/or removed from the servers and have service charges assessed at the discretion of the Company ."

    "The Company will be the sole and final arbiter as to Websites or usages of resources that constitute violation or intent to violate our policies. Those Customers found in violation of these policies are subject to a $300.00 service charge for each instance of violation, exclusive of charges for the bandwidth and/or other resources utilized. Websites which the Company must suspend or cancel due to violation of these rules are not eligible to receive a refund under the Company's 30 money back guarantee, and are subject to charges for bandwidth and usage of resources at twice the standard rate for such resources"

    So if you store over 15 meg (of your 80 gig hard disk) of files unlinked by html files, or have over 20% of your "unmetered" bandwidth used by larger files you have hosted on your servers, you can be fined $300 and have your hosting revoked with no consolation.

    To me these terms seem unworkable and hazardous for a dedicated 10 meg port.

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    Please read our terms and conditions from our current website:

    I think you were referring to an old link to our shared hosting terms. I have updated the website link so everyone will get our most current terms and conditions page.


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