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    * Wanted: Tech Business Writers, Web Designers, Programmers


    If you have the skills to help me with this project, please contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    Wanted: Technical and Business Writers needed to help me organize my thoughts and ideas for develop an advanced open source Internet Web Browser.

    I am looking for technical and business writers who are highly skilled because I need to hire someone or people who can help me organize my thoughts and business ideas into the cogent written materials I need so that I can present a business plan to venture capitalists, Microsoft (IE), Yahoo, Google (Fire Fox), Mozilla (Fire Fox), Opera, AOL (Netscape) and any other companies that currently have their own web browser, are developing one or would like to develop one. What I am looking for is to put together a business plan and a spec document, so that I can present the documents to different people. The business plan will be for the more tech exec or manager types and the spec document will be something that I can take to a programming shop or programming group and find out how much it will cost to get the browser built. If you wish to read what my project is about and see if you have the technical skills for helping to produce it check out – I set this up as a phpBB forum because I wanted something sort of like an interactive blog where people could respond to my ideas or help me develop them. The forum is meant for discussing the open source convergence ideas and how to advance them. I am not looking for any comments like it can’t be done or it shouldn’t be done or it is not a good idea, I am looking to hire people to help me develop this idea with documents of different sorts so they can be presented to the right people.

    Regarding payments for work done will be paid via , so if you do not have a account, I would advise you set one up as this is the only way you can receive payment. 70 Million people use paypal, so if you don’t have it I suggest you get it. Using for payment is non-negotiable as I do not trust or use other forms of payment.

    Payment is $5 to $10 a page depending on level of experience and a page is approx. 300 to 350 words a page. To restate, I will need business plan, technical specs, power point presentation, web site.

    Programmers and Web Designers I can pay $8+ an hour, writers $5 to $10 a page.

    My Idea for the next Internet Revolution is a post-fire fox style ‘Web Browser’ which is an open source convergence like a modified and more advanced version of the fire fox browser, one which is the convergence of the best communication and collaboration tools into this single open source web browser. 99.9% of the masses are too computer illiterate to install hacks and mods in a browser, so the goal is to have this already done in a pre-packaged format.

    Rather than make this a long 10 page post, I have posted all my ideas, directives, goals, missions, thoughts etc.. on before contacting me please spend sometime reading up on my idea as I have it all posted there, please do not waste my time if you are not serious and have not read my idea thoroughly.

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    Not everybody can use PayPal, what to do if you aren't in that 70 Million people (I seriously doubt in that number..)? There is plenty more way for payment but obviously that's not important to good luck with your business...

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    I can also pay via money order if you are in the usa. What other ways do u wish me to make available for payment?

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