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    Retail or reseller

    Please bare with me, I'm really new to all of this. I am starting a website for my business and a band. Should I go retail or reseller? I know that reseller is for people who wanna sell domains and stuff, but do I get any added control/reliability? Also, is Namecheap a good registrar? Which ones do you recommend. Thank you

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    I think you might be asking if you should get a shared or a reseller account perhaps?

    No difference in reliability between the two options as it is hosting company dependent. The only reason you might want to spend the money for a reseller account is that you need to host multiple domains and, in some cases, reseller might be your best option.

    Sounds like, without you getting more specific, that your needs are fairly basic based on the nature of your questions and so shared hosting plans would be just fine for you.

    I don't have any personal experience with Namecheap.
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    Reseller would be good if you want to run multiple websites and have many options for each account, if you want a shared account, look for one allowing multiple domain hosting, but it will be a bit more limited.
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    Buy multiple domains, do you mean " ,," etc? and About how much more is a reseller acount than a normal one? And with either of the two (reseller or normal), how many pages can I have with each site?

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    Buy multiple domains, do you mean " ,," etc?
    Yes, a multiple domains hosting account will enable you to host more than a single domain, though you need to make sure it allows you to add the number of domains you have. Many accounts today let you host (virtually) unlimited domains, but many limit you to a certain number.

    About how much more is a reseller acount than a normal one?
    This really varies with each company.

    And with either of the two (reseller or normal), how many pages can I have with each site?
    Generally there's no set limit regarding the number of pages/files you can host under an account. Instead, the limit is indirectly given by the amount of space your account has.

    So, if you get 1GB of space from your host, and your average web page has 100KB, you'd be able to host about 10000 web pages. Things can be a bit more complicated, but for the sake of simplicity this model above should work fine. BTW, a 100KB web page is a decently sized web page. This very page currently has some 100KB, images included.

    BTW, you need to take into account that the email acounts you create will also take some of your space.

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    Re: Retail or reseller

    Originally posted by Shackdude
    Also, is Namecheap a good registrar? Which ones do you recommend. Thank you
    Namecheap is a fantastic registrar. The best i've used personally. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    Also, I'll probably need no more than 3 domains. Should I still register as a reseller?

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    You should get a reseller account if you want to create accounts for other persons, like friends or family. Otherwise, get a shared hosting account.
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    What exactly does shared hosting mean?

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    Originally posted by Shackdude
    What exactly does shared hosting mean?

    Shared hosting is what you are referring to as retail.

    Shared simply means you are sharing a server with others.

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    Shared hosting should be fine for you - many hosts will allow you to have a few domains under your account.

    As for a registrar, I agree that namecheap is very good.

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