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    It is the 4th time VersaWeb !

    During the last 6 months , the server down for long period 4 times , last one was yesterday (10:30 PM GMT) and the problem still exist ( Now it is 9:15 AM GMT)

    The live support OFFLINE , and it is always OFFLINE, even if it is ONLINE they will not help you with anything , they just ask you to send your problem to dedicated support email , they are just an online sales men , not a support staff , they are good in answering any presale question , but if you are a customer and have a technical problem , they would not answer you directly , they will just ask you send your problems via email which take 2 - 3 days in the best cases to be answered !!

    now , what is the problem of this 4th downtime !


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    Moved to outages.

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    If your server is offline for any reason, why did you not send an urgent support ticket to the appropriate department? It seems like you would get a much better outcome by taking the steps any rational human would take in such an event by opening a ticket with us rather than making a public complaint which no representative from our company would even end up seeing for several days. An urgent ticket will page our on-duty tech, who can do something to help you, unlike the people here at WHT, who can't do squat about your situation if you are in fact down.

    We haven't had a network outage of any type in many months, so I'm not sure what is causing your issue. I don't see any "server down" tickets in our helpdesk, so if you are having issues, please let us know so we can resolve it for you.

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    now versaweb site is DOWN!!!

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    Maybe a dns issue?


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