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    * Suggesting new company name !

    Dear all,

    Can any of you help in suggesting new company name ?
    the company works in Web solutions "Hosting and Design" and locating in Egypt.
    I need name is avaliable to be a domain name and typing as it saying.
    Also not widespread words such as "Hi , Tech , Compu , Soft , Ware, Computer , Techenology , tequ , speed ,Net"

    I'll much appreciate if u can help...

    Ali Hamed

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    No offense, but a flashy company name won't help your new company any more successful than YOU make it. This statement is becoming more and more of a cliche at WHT but it's factual.

    You can name it "Ali Hamed Host" and become successful just as long as you be faithful to your business and customers.

    For ie. Google could have named themselves Hooliggle, and it would have gotten as popular as it is today just as long as they do the exact same thing business-wise.

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    Great post alpha, but still in the beginning if you want a company name same with the domain name it may be important for SEO. So it's better to choose something with related content.

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    Pyramid Web Solutions

    Use the shape of a pyramid as an advertising stragey by having each side symbolize something.

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