DOUBLE YOUR RAM - only 4 available!

Dell PowerEdge based servers
- P4 2.8Ghz / 800FSB / 1MB cache
- 2048MB ECC / DDR2 RAM (Free upgrade from 1024MB)
- 80GIG SATA / 8MB cache HD
- Choice of Server 2003 Standard or CentOS 3.5/4.1
- 2000GIG/mo. Premium Bandwidth (1000 in / 1000 out)

$124/mo. $149 setup, or
$154/mo. Free setup

Linux boxes are unmanaged.

Windows boxes are semi-managed. Critical O/S security updates are included

All boxes include:
- APC Remote Reboot Port
- Full root access
- Ping monitoring
- MRTG graphs
- Hardware replacement

Windows servers include the following software bundle
- Server 2003 Standard Edition
- SmarterMail 50 domain / 250 user
- SmarterStats 50 sites
- SmarterTicket 5 agent
- PHP / phpMyAdmin
- mySQL
- ActivePerl
- AWStats
- Add Helm 3.x for $19/mo.
- Fully Managed Windows Solutions Available

About Handy Networks
- 100% debt-free company for long-term stability
- Established & Experienced - providing hosting services since 1997
- All equipment is owned, operated and maintained by local Handy Networks personnel - we do not resell for others
- Direct Microsoft Solutions Provider Partner
- 24/7 Support
- Our offices are in an adjoining building to the datacenter for easy access to our hardware
- We use only quality server-grade hardware from Supermicro & Dell
- We sit in the heart of Denver's Tech Center - Next door to Savvis' POP, less than a block to Internap's POP

Datacenter / Network Information
- All gear is housed in the fully redundant Data393 datacenter, centrally located in Denver, Colorado
- Former facility - over $12 million invested.
- 100% Juniper / Cisco powered network
- GigE connectivity to Data393 - Level(3), Savvis, Internap (who peers with AT&T, Savvis, Global Crossing, UUNET, Verio, XO, Level(3) and Sprint in Denver)
- GigE connectivity to Savvis
- Savvis POP is in an adjoining building - direct router to router fiber
- Internap POP is less than a block away
- Level(3) maintains dark fiber to their local POP in downtown Denver
- Full multi-Gigabit internal network
- We maintain both cabinets and cage space within the facility for maximum flexibility

Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to order.

- Mike Griffin
[email protected]
AIM: HandyNetSales / ICQ: 33022551
MSN: [email protected]
1-877-704-2639 ext. 881