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    Migrating from

    I've had 2co for the past 2 years, and I think we all agree on them.

    Long story short, I've had a merchant account for the past 6 months and I've been accepting all new clients through it. However, I want to migrate 2co clients to my (clientexec) acct.

    Obviously, my common sense says 2co will not provide a list of cc# for security purposes etc.

    Has anyone ever done something like that?

    Did you contact all of your customers and tell them you are changing? If so, how did they take it? did customers cancel, etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    Great topic. I've got this same situation. I recently purchased a business that had been using 2CO for all recurring payments for the subscription of the service. I will be integrating our own merchant gateway soon and am anticipating this same kind of migration. There are about 80 clients involved and I am willing to contact them all individually. So if anyone has done this, your describing of your experience would be most welcome by me as well.
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    I think ypur clients will apperciate this move. As they won't have redirection anymore and they will now that you process using personal merchant account. This may raise customers' percentage but not decrease.

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