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    I have actually seen a concept model jet car on the history channel, but it had one great downfall, not enough in town acceleration, yes, dead serious!

    In order to stop at a light, you would have to burn a lot of fuel to speed up at a regular speed, becasue you would have to keep the engine at a higher pace, and not let it go to idle, in additon to that, you would have to keep the brake pegged on the floor.

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    lol that looks like a car with two big packs added on :p
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    Looks pretty sweet.
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    I want a jet powered truck!

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    that is unreal.. It does not look some slouch threw it together it actually loos and sounds like someone built it with some knowledge of how to do it. Now I would hate to think of how much fuel you would go through running this beast but talk about winning a few street races.

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    Anybody see that Jet powered motorcycle that Jay Leno has?

    According to Jay, the bike is pretty slow at startup off the line, but on the freeway, the faster you take the motorcycle, the more horsepower it gets, which means the faster you accelerate...etc. Yeah, it's simple physics of a jet engine.

    You should hear his bike wind up!

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    I kind of like the possible psychological effect the jet car might have on tailgaters. I'd like the front to be more menacing.

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    That truck is awsome.

    I've seen it 3 times at the local airshow up close, and in action. I doubt many people would want to mess with you at a light if they do, they just want to see it. I'm also sure some tailgaters would be a little cautious. :dgin:

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