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    Server Security Audit & Fix

    Apart from bobcares, who provides a cheap server security check and can provide fixes for any bugs ?

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    What's considered cheap?

    And what quality do you expect for that price range?

    Thank you.
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    Google may be a good place to start searching for companies who provide remote maintenance.

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    There are some sites out there whom will check your site on a regular basis for a fee. I run my own Nessus server ;-) the results are good, with descriptions of security issues found and where you can get more information E.G latest M$ KB artical etc etc.
    sure thats all good and well.. however theres alot more to security then a nessus scan, there are things like directory permissions which can wreak havoc if exploited by a php script or something like that.
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    I would recommend thelinuxguy if you are looking for security checks / solutions. He is well versed in such areas.

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