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    Sedo Vs. Afternic

    Any comments on Pros and Cons of Sedo Vs. Afternic ?

    Sedo: Free Registration
    Comission: 10% (minimum 50$ for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz)

    Afternic: $19.95/year
    Comission: 10% (minimum 60$)

    For my point of view, Sedo site is more user friendly, clean layout and nice color theme.
    For Afternic, it might have more features for banners and affiliate referral programs. But still, the site is so complex and the color theme is a bit old fashion. Just my opnion.

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    All my dealings with Sedo have been very professional and timely.

    I've never sold a name through Afternic, so I really can't comment on their service.
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    viewing on weekly basis will let you know which is more better in selling domains to the end user market.
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    I cheated and looked at the Poll Results. All both of the votes are for sedo as I write this....

    I'm not yet in a position to vote. I've got 211 domains listed on both of 'em. And each has their ups and downs.

    The sedo person with whom I've interacted thus far seems to be a reasonable person. They respond to my e-mails. These are Good Things. (I've not yet had a reason to interact with AfterNIC, so don't infer that they don't have good people or that they're unresponsive).

    I understand the need to maintain a concise list of categories. But in both cases the categoy list is... limiting.

    Paying the $19.95 to list on AfterNIC isn't a big deal. Paying a buck to make offers isn't a big deal (IMHO) either. If you're real and for real, paying a buck to offer hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands, for a domain is in the noise.

    The requirement that you put in a minimum dollar amount (below which someone can't make an offer) on AfterNIC's part is a two-edged sword. I have no minimums set on sedo, so I'm getting lots of junk offers. But as a result I'm getting a feel for what people are looking at.

    On the flip side, I can see how many people have looked at the details for listed domains at AfterNIC, regardless of their making an offer. And what people are looking at on AfterNIC aren't the ones for which I'm getting junk offers at sedo. (By 'junk offer' I mean an offer for a domain that's clearly way below it's probable reasonable value.)

    For the twenty bucks, maximizing the exposure is a Good Deal.

    As time passes it'll be interesting to see where the results come from.

    I've ordered appraisals for more than 60 domains at sedo. I may get those same domains appraised at AfterNIC to compare and contrast.

    Has anyone completed a transaction with AfterNIC? I'm not looking for details (unless you'd like to share) but I'm curious to know more about them.

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    I would not comment on this thread It won't be ethical
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