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Thread: Domain Whoring

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    Domain Whoring

    So... From what I hear, purchasing 200 domains or so and redirecting them to a site like or can make you over $10,000 per year via the ad revenue alone, not counting sales of these domains.

    Is this true? Have any of you tried it? It seems to be quite common, so i'm guessing that there is some truth to it. Besides: Domains will always appreciate in value. There aren't many good domain names left, and there are only so many good ones that you could come up with...

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    Hi, I haven't tried such a thing and I don't think of trying that in the future.

    However, my opinion is positive about the income you expect. I think you can do it if you spend some time on this project, especially if you can find good domains.

    In fact, just registering the domains wouldn't be able to earn you good money from sedo because you should build a website and let people hear it first, and then redirect it to Sedo, so that people and search engines will know about you.

    Redirecting right after registration might end up with a big failure.

    Good luck
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    Re: Domain Whoring

    Originally posted by GreenVault
    So... From what I hear, purchasing 200 domains or so and redirecting them to a site like or can make you over $10,000 per year via the ad revenue alone, not counting sales of these domains.
    That will depend on the quality of those domain names, and the direct traffic they receive. I guess if could be possible, with good quality domain names. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    It very much depends on the quality of the domains. I have a few that I'm monetizing (through SmartName; no affiliation) and while one of 'em consistently pulls better than $7K (yes, seven thousand) per month, there are others that I'm lucky to get more than a buck.

    And quality is a Strange Beast. I just sold one of my .nets that was getting forty cents in click-through traffic for $20K. It's all in the eyes of the beholder....

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    It's not as easy as it sounds. Companies, 1 in particular is/are gobbling up practically EVERY domain that drops daily within minutes if not seconds from drop time, checking them for traffic and dumping the ones that don't days later. It's not like before where a few hundred or mabey a few thousand were snapped up at drop time. It's now nearly the entire droplist if not the "entire" droplist on a daily basis. To prove my point I just copy and pasted a total of 188 names that droped today/yesterday all in a line from the complete drop list of .com and .nets out of those 188 > 0 were available.

    Current traffic names on the after market sell anywhere between 1-8 years of revenue. And those numbers would vary depending mainly on your "luck" in acquisition. Buyers with the hopes of getting those numbers are bidding names at the auctions out of sight with no idea of when they will see their ROI.
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    So if understand this correctly, I'd need to create 200 domains, each of which has some swell content that others will want to link to. (Piece of cake!)
    For each one:
    Cost of hosting: $3.95/month x 12months= $47.40
    Registry (with discount for buying the hosting): $3.99
    Total cost per domain with excellent webpage (sum of the above): $51.39
    Cost of 200 domains with excellent webpages: $10,278

    By linking them I can be paid $10,000.

    Woohoo! I'm gonna be rich!

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    rich to the tune of minus 278 a year

    yes you can make some money on parking commonly searched for/typed in domains on a pcc systems like sedo

    however if it was as easy as you say we'd all be doing it
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    Finding domain names that earn well on those parking pages is key. If you find 200 decent earning ones then yes, you can make a nice bit of money. But most people have difficulty finding them because there aren't that many left and many have TM issues associated.
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