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    Question works but does not.

    Here is a very interestsing delema... It's got me stumped.

    From my ADSL connection, I can connect to my domain through:

    I CANNOT connect through:

    From my AOL dail up connection, I can connect to my domain through:

    I CANNOT connect through:

    What I know:

    This problem seems to be isolated to my domain, as I do not have this issue with any other domain.

    Also, I can access my domain using the URL "", but only in Explorer using my ADSL connection. However, I cannot connect using Mozilla firefox on my ADSL connection.

    Once again, no combination of URL's and browsers work on my AOL dail up connection.

    My host has not a clue what is going on, but I suspect it is an overlooked server setting. It's a fairly new site- only about 1 week old.

    My server is a Zend and My CPanel gives me the the following onformation:

    Dedicated Ip Address
    Subdomains 0 / 20
    Parked Domains 0 / 20
    Addon Domains 0 / 20
    MySQL Databases 1 / 20
    Disk usage 87.21 Megabytes
    SQL Disk usage 4.53 Megabytes
    Disk space available 3712.79 Megabytes
    Bandwidth usage (current month) 0.00 Megabytes
    Email Accounts 0 / 20
    Email Forwarders 0
    Autoresponders 0
    Mailing Lists 0 / 20
    Email filters 0
    Ftp Accounts 0 / 20

    General server information:
    Operating system Linux
    Service Status Click to View
    Kernel version
    Machine Type i686
    Apache version 1.3.31 (Unix)
    PERL version 5.8.4
    Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
    Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
    Installed Perl Modules Click to View
    PHP version 4.3.8
    MySQL version 4.0.22-standard
    cPanel Build 10.0.0-RELEASE 7
    Theme cPanel X v2.5.0
    Documentation Click to View
    cPanel Pro (RC8)

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    If you need more information about the server, I have my host on the line.

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    Have you registered your domain recently?

    I experienced the same problem with a domain of mine for a few days after the registration, then things began to work without a problem even though I haven't done anything.
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    I had the same problem..only opposite! It seems to have sorted itself out maybe it was just because it was just setup yesterday. I did add a at ultradns and changed the domain in plesk to Both work fine now.


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    use for checking

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    If its a new domain, its an issue of DNS caching/propogating. is not the same as which is not the same as - so they all take different times to be live around the globe.

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    Try Cname For the domain.
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    If you have access to your DNS records, paste them in doubt it's missing an A record or CNAME.

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    If you don't have a problem doing it, posting the domain name may also be helpful to see what other people find.

    If its a new registraion, i would say that its propergation, if not then it sounds like it could be you / your isp rather than your host.

    If it was your host, i would of thought that your ADSL connection, AOL connection regardless of browser would give you the same result, unless its a new registraion. (or transfer)
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