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    Talking web design, graphic design,love,life, politics forum

    Hey guys,

    I'd like to present - a new forum in town.
    Right now is starting as a community where artists can talk about their work or simply relax.Themes include web design, web hosting, graphic design, love,life, politics,music,sport and anything else you can think of

    Come join us!

    PS: Please leave reviews and tell me what else you'd like to see there and what needs to be changed.

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    Hmm. I personally don't like the colors, but I like the purpose.. something relatively new. Good job

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    Thank you Well....I'm still having trouble with the colors I know...but I'm constantl changing and trying to finx a solution..Plus..we will have major updates in about a month or so.

    So anyone care to join

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    fixed some things

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    * Total new update on interface and looks

    Hey guys,
    PixelJock got a seriously fresh update on it's looks.Come check out and review.Maybe even sing-up

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    Definatley a bright design, but fitting for the site. One thing that would bother me is the yellow tables with the yellow background (they blend together). But then again what do I know? =0)
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    um..I'm gonna try to fix this...someone else told me it bothered him too...

    It's fixed now...they don't blend it anymore...
    Last edited by canico; 07-17-2005 at 09:07 AM.

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    PJ's got a total new look.
    Come visit and review please

    Looking forward to any suggestion.

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    Is every topic supposed to start with a comma? I like the headers and even the pink is not too distracting from the content. But what is with the placement of partners?
    Brad Liang
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    um...the comma is from a little mistake i did when editting some files and i now cannot find which one
    The placement of partners...i dunno...just didn't find another place....

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    I love the colors. It's very innovative. I joined the forum
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    Thank you

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