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    remotely power up a server


    How could I remotely power up a server??

    the server has WOL support and other servers connected through the same switch that I have access to.

    Thank you.

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    A remote reboot unit works well for this. I currently use APC's 7930 and baytech RPC3's with great success. Personally I trust the APC models more.
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    Get the APC 7932 from dell, they are on sale for $508.00 in small business section. 120V/20Amp 24 port strip!

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    I have APC AP7900.

    But my problem is, once I turn off the power (the server is totally powered off), then turn back on the power, the server stays off and not on, unless I press the on button on server manually.

    I am trying to find a way to remotely power on the server.

    Thank you.

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    Set the CMOS power managment settings to Power On after a power fail. That way if power goes out then comes back, the system board will auto-power on again.

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    Hello, not going to help you today, but in the future you might want to consider a server with an ILO (Intergrated lights out) Its either built onboard to the mother board or as a riser card. It gives complete control over the server. As the Ilo is powered and network independent from the server you can have complete control via a web gui, power up, re-boot, direct desktop connection even really cool stuff like mounting remote cdrom drives and booting from iso images.

    APC that intrupt the power to the server to re-boot it or power it off and ok are until they fail taking out (in my case 8 servers.) So then you need to have two APC's and duel power the servers one from each APC.

    Just my pennies worth.


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