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    Host that can do this?

    Any advice on hosts based on the following:

    This is my level of expertise"
    newbie with enough experience to get in trouble
    have a static HTML site that I get many compliments on done in (gulp) Netscape Composer... I need to add ecommerce capabilities to this existing site

    This is what I need my site to do:
    -sell about 100 items, high-end buyer--site needs to look "nice" but not fancy Need to be able to incorporate logo and some pics. Won't need to update the store very often
    -estimated sales is 5K+ per month, with each order $100+
    -automatic calcuation of shipping and tax
    -send out autoresponders when an order is received
    -send out a quarterly newsletter

    This is what I'd like (I think):
    24/7 support
    shopping cart that integrates with Quickbooks (if possible)
    spamkiller or similar for email
    1G space, 50G bandwith
    A host that has been around awhile-a larger stable company

    $20-$40/month, depending on features; I'll take a cheaper site, though

    I have a few other static sites that would be nice to host with the same host.

    Any recommendations?


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    An ecommerce program such as osCommerce could be your solution, however, are you asking for just the hosting aspect?

    Setting up, configuring and all that jazz will not be cheap coming from a host. Especially not for $20-40/mo.

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    I agree with Amiden, you might want to up your budget a little for allof the Commerce solutions you need.

    Just you the find a host tool on the banner, right side.
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    confused about pricing

    I thought that was a generous budget--I see lots of offers in the $20 or less category that seem to offer all the things I listed. Am I missing something??


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    -estimated sales is 5K+ per month, with each order $100+

    Considering you have that sort of should be able to afford more.

    Since you are doing commerce your going to want to pay more for a quality host.
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    That is a very fair budget in fact it is nice to see someone wanting to spend a proper amount for what they want. The $ amount of the sales will not matter if you are paying $1/month or $100/month so that you should not even consider an issue.

    OS commerce is a great solution and most hosts can install this and then some even offer web design services that could help you or even do it for you (skin the program) to make it look great. Then get a SSL certificate installed and you can install all your products and prices and you are good to go. Of course it would be up to you to get your merchant account or sign up for paypal and you could have your site up and running in a matter of a couple of days.

    50 gigs of BW is a lot unless you plan on really pushing a lot of traffic to the site but not unreasonable for how much you are looking to pay.

    You should have no problem at all.

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    I suggest using a shopping cart as your entire site. You have 3 to choose from using any "fantastico" web host. Fantastico will allow you to install the entire cart with a click of the mouse and they have a nice professional look.

    Then you need a merchant/gateway setup and your on your way.

    Are you sure you need that much storage space and bandwidth?
    If not, start out small and increase your package as needed.

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    You want the host to add the ecommerce features to your site or just provide the program? With Fantastico you can get this setup in a few minutes.
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    Quickbooks integration was mentioned, this might be worth a look(just searched it, don't know much more!)

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