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    Post emaxhosting or site5

    I just want to hear reviews and know about these two and no other. I'm leaning towards emaxhosting but i don't know yet. I'm using it for personal but might go with business too since i have multiple domain name


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    Have you tried searching for reviews on them?

    Good luck

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    I must say site5 have some positive reviews and alot of happy customers, Matt and co do a great Job.
    I say site5 all the way

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    I have an account with Site5 and I am pleased.
    I have no info on the other host.
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    i choose

    i'm sure i'm in good hands..but don't let me stop you from posting your experiences

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    wtih site 5 does it support php5?

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    Glad to hear that you have decided on going with Site5. While I don't have any experience with emaxhosting but I can truly say that Site5 is the best host that I've ever been with!

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    wtih site 5 does it support php5
    Just switched to site5 myself, they use php4 (latest stable release).


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    Originally posted by Hadron
    Just switched to site5 myself
    after going through about a dozen hosts i switched 7 months ago to site5 and they have been the best by a mile. I am not familiar with the other host.

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    I want to go with site5, but I need PHP 5. I asked it on their forum; they already have php 5 as CGI but they hope to get both php 4 and 5 to run together, and choose between the two with a .htaccess file.

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    I've been happy with Site5.
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