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    Outputting cmd results on Windows


    I know how to query cmd from windows now and output results,
    I use this code:

    echo system ("c:\\crack\\rcrack.exe c:\\crack\\*.rt -h 08b37e851643de4c1640abb1abff4ae8");

    And it will output results in the users browser.

    But my problem is it doesnt output the results in new lines, so it makes it very hard to read.. I tried the explode function but couldnt get it to work,

    Hope anyone can help me.. thanks alot!

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    This seems kind of silly to me.

    Why not launch your crack.exe from a .bat file, redirect the output to a logfile, then display the log via the PHP page?

    Seems to me that crack.exe will be running for a LONG time, and will probably cause your script to time out.
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