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    Dedicated Server - 10mbits

    I am looking for a rock solid colocation facility which will offer 4 servers with these specs :
    1x Quad Xeon box with 2GB of RAM /SCSI hdd's
    3x single processor Xeon box 1GB of RAM /SCSI hdd's

    10mbit of bandwith burstable


    Pierre-Luc Quimper

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    You really need to check the Offers forum. Or perform a search based on your needed criteria. Posting an "I need a <something>" cannot produce results here except by those recommending someone else.

    Or try visiting They're another webhosting forum and have a Dedicated Requests section where you post what you need and providers throw out bids and - ultimately - you win.
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    I use Hivelocity for hosting and I see there adds all over WHT for cheap unmetered servers._ I have been very happy with my service with them for over a year now. _Check with them,

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    If you have a location in mind, we can toss some recommendations your way as well.

    Do you need to do any clustering with the single Xeon's?

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