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    Bizwala Web Hosting

    Does anyone have any information on Bizwala Web Hosting?

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    What kind of information? You suggested them to somebody on another thread, so are you looking for feedback as an existing customer?
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    I am asking if anyone has experience with this web host. I have had limited experience with them, and they have been great.

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    Have you tried searching around the forum to find feedback?
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    Yes I did, I found no threads. I was hoping to get some feedback.

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    What are you expecting to gain from the feedback?
    If you have experience with them and they are great what more do you need?

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    My experience is limited to 2 months, I am looking long term, when the honeymoon is over.

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    Curious how you can suggest them for somebody else, but are not willing to accept your own advice as fact.

    Maybe you should go back to your other post and let the person know that you do not believe you are qualified to give a suggestion.
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