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    Software For Sale nePHP, vratings, VirtuaNews

    Looking to do a little house cleaning of software. I will be taking offers until 7/17/05 on the software, and will also be posting this on other websites. Paypal is accepted. I reserve the right not to sell to someone.

    vRating is an all-in-one software program for webmasters to create an interactive rating website. This script provides an extremely easy point-and-click interface that makes customizing quick and easy for the beginner and robust enough for the experienced programmer.

    What are the benefits of using vRating?
    The navigation and layout of this script encourages extended page views and updates which will increase your ad revenue. It also produces search engine friendly pages on the fly. For those with little time on their hands for updates, you can even have the script generate hourly updates with no work from you. Here's a quick rundown on a handful of features:

    Users can vote, submit content (that is added with admin approval), and search for content.
    Content is automatically generated into HTML pages which reduces bandwith and increases search engine optimization.
    Generate custom page titles based on individual content to increase search engine keyword effectiveness.
    Use the script's included skins or easily implement your site's existing layout.
    Content can be added to your website immediately, or be queued to activate on a specific date.
    Ability to support thumbnails.
    Display content based on specific criteria (most recent, most popular, etc).
    What sites can use this script?
    This script can be used to complement your existing website or will function as a stand alone website. You can easily adapt vRating to accommodate most any type of content that you wish to feature. Content can be in the form of text, photos, audio, or even flash files. Custom design of this script is available on request.

    I've already asked for permission and this was the reply I got:
    Hi Jason,

    No problem. We will need your approval (via a help desk ticket) of the new license owner whenever you are ready. We will also need the new user to register an account on vRating (just pretending he/she will purchase the script without actually purchasing it).

    Thanks for asking.

    Support Expired: 04/23/2005 Renewal price (1 Year): $25
    Looking for offers above $40 BIN $70
    Brand new it is $125


    VirtuaNews is a fast, powerful and customizable way of creating a new website for you in an instant. With its unique simple interface we can have you up and running with a new website exactly how you want.

    VirtuaNews has may features that make creating your website community as easy as possible, the key features are:
    Fast PHP/MySQL backend - Pages created in under 0.1 seconds*
    Fully customizable style system - Easily create the look you want
    Full admin panel - Control every aspect of your site easily
    Advanced permission system - Control exactly what people can do
    Advanced module system - Use modules to create exactly the site you want
    Powerful search engine - Find exactly what you want easily

    I filed a request with them late sunday to verify I can sell the license, waiting on response. It should be ok, as I've bought a license second hand from them before.

    License is expired Renew Members Area Access - 40.00 USD
    Brand new it is $100
    Looking for anything above $40, BIN $65

    Nephp Publisher
    Nephp Publish ServerŪ is a perfect solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage. It works as a core application and let you develop your own desired website. By modifying its templates, nephp can become a multi-purpose software. For example: News Publishing, Product Reviews, Content Manager System (CMS), Lyric Engine, etc ....
    This is a new release from Nelogic Technologies (v4.5.2). It's a complete-rewrite of nephp which will improve greatly on both features and performance. With Static Page Builder , you can increase performance by at least 50% compare with its previous versions. This version is designed to work with v4.5.x Themes . So if you have older versions and wish you upgrade, you don't have to re-design your themes. However, it is highly recommended that you use v4.5.2 themes because it is designed specially for v4.5.2 . If you use themes from previous version, it only acts like v4.5.1 .

    I have TWO licenses from them I'm looking to sell.
    Their licenses are lifetime.
    I've already got permission from them to sell them. Their reply was:
    Sure go ahead and let me know the new owner's information once it's sold

    Brand new they are $299 per license.
    I'm looking for anything above $150 per license, with a BIN of $225.

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    $50 for the vrating script.
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    What edition of Nephp are you selling??

    Enterprise or Standard

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    It is the standard edition.

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