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    SuperbServers (HopOne) Value vs Premium Transit, any real difference?

    Hi everyone,

    Wondering if there is much difference between SuperServers (HopOne) Premium Transit vs Value Transit.

    I will be using these servers for VoIP, so I want everything to be as clean as possible. No ping spikes, no packet loss. Also, I wish to share my connection as little as possible with others, to avoid DDOS attacks and a neighbor hogging all the bandwidth.

    That said, premium transit might cost about $500 for 1000GB, which is five times the cost of Value Transit.

    Is it worth it??



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    Stick with the value transit it is quite good for the money. I believe the "premium" transit routes more stuff over UUNet and gives you higher priority on their network and I don't think that is worth $500 for 1000gig.

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    Probably no difference at all 1000gb is about 3.1mbps so you would be paying 161 a mbps, you could go to ANY datacenter that has more knowledgable staff , ie: is a good one for that price, or if on east coast, try Voxel aka voxrox for that price I am sure they will be happy to sign you up quickly as that is about a 1000% mark up for them, as average DC is paying 16-20 a meg for decent bandwidth.

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