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    Dedicated server in Asia Pasific Region

    Hi there,

    I am currently looking for a Dedicated server preferably in the Asia Pacific Region. My visitor almost come from china, i found US server is not goood enough to process. every day about 20,000 visitor on my website. the highest online at same time can get 3000. I need the fast connection which mean better network, the server should be better than P4 2.8, AMD server also OK, the price should be less than $250/mon

    please give me some ideas, thanks!

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    For a site with that much traffic,

    I suggest getting a server with dedicated bandwidth. The physical location should be somewhere in Asia, eg, Singapore.

    But, even if I can provide you with good badnwidth to China from Singapore (Example), China's internal routing and networks don't talk much to one another, and thus the speed will drop.

    Which means - I can get your bandwidth FAST to the border routers of China, but anything further than that is a problem.

    So, if you customers are mainly Chinese, suggest get a Chinese server.
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    Why don't you get a server on china if your customers come from there? I think you should be able since I get a lot of spam with china based BP servers.
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