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    Last month after several accusations of me spamming their support system (I sent three questions to them in a row, nothing wrong with that, but they started crying that a customer is abusing them) I quit. Actually they asked me to leave as well which I gladly did. They even refunded my last month's hosting fee of $99. This month (today)( I just got charged $99 again on my Visa and I just received the following email from WEBMASTERS.COM:

    4465 W. Gandy Blvd., Suite 801
    Tampa, FL 33611 USA
    (813) 837-8000
    Tax ID: 65-0525520


    Service Provided: Managed Hosting for *********.com
    Payment Date: 12/8/2005

    Total Amount Charged (in U.S. Dollars): $99.00

    The above amount was automatically charged to the credit card we have on file for your account. If you have any questions or feel that the above amount is incorrect, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you for your business, it is always a pleasure to serve you!

    Best regards,

    Billing Department"

    This is after I left, move my sites somewhere else and cancelled my account before 1st of the month. Must be a mistake of their (error) but a GOOD, HONEST COMPANY does not make such mistakes. It's a similar mistake as when in a store a price for the item on the shelve is $1, but they charge you $2 at the cash register... and then WHEN you notice that, they apologise. BUt if you do not notice - they make money from you, lots of money. And you stay a fool (if you do not check your statements etc.).

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    If you've cancelled your account and they have confirmed it by refunding the last month's payment and even ASKING you to leave, call Visa and ask for a chargeback. Tell them your side of the story and I'm sure they'll gladly credit your card for the charged amount. After that, ask them to block all charges from

    If this is how does their business (telling customers to leave for idiotic reasons), those reading this should take heed and choose not to do business with them. I just think it's so amazingly rude when a host tells you to GTFO (G = get, = out) for stupid little reasons that they pull out of their behinds. Just ticks me off when I see companies act first and think later... Run like the wind and warn as many as you can.

    PS: This is just the G rated version of my feelings towards this kind of stuff... I mean, come on,, the guy wanted some help in three different areas, and you pretty much say "OH NO!!!! We're not going to help you, GO AWAY!" I swear, if I had the opportunity, I would slap (and punch) some sense into those businesses who value themselves over their customers... If you can't answer a few simple questions for a paying customer, YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.
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    I'd call them rather than posting here, If I remeber correctly, they have a real office, and I recall seeing about 5 people in that office when I walked past it in Jan/Feb who activley were on the phone.

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