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  1. #1 is the company that I have been using to host my site. Their site and my site have been down for about 24 hours and phone calls to have gone straight to voicemail. I have read that is affiliated with Site5, but that is about all I could find. If anyone knows anything about or why the sites are down, I would greatly appreciated if you would fill me in!! Thanks so much!!

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    The WHOIS lookup shows that they are hosted at ThePlanet. IIRC, Site5 doesn't have any servers at ThePlanet. The server IP is dead also so, I see 2 possibilites:

    1) They are a reseller and their web host's server is down.
    2) They own a dedicated server which is down.

    As I said, I don't see any relation to Site5.


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    Thanks for the info!!

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